New and Custom Pallets

  • Stringer Pallets
  • Block Pallets
  • All Dimensions Available
  • Custom Design: call us for an estimate
  • Available in Aspen (Poplar) and Pine
  • IPPC Certified (Heat Treated)

When you need new quality wooden pallets in either standard or custom sizes South-East Pallet & Wood Products can help.  We have custom design capabilities to draw your pallet along with a sawmill that can produce the parts from logs that have been harvested in Southeastern Manitoba.

South-East Pallets

We’re Environmentally Friendly

We use 100% of all our by-products. We can trace the source of the wood that is used in our new pallets right back to the forest it has been harvested from and pay a stumpage fee that ensures the trees we harvest are replanted and a renewable resource that will provide for future generations.

Block Pallet

Block Pallets

Block pallets are typically stronger than stringer pallets. Block pallets utilize both parallel and perpendicular stringers to better facilitate efficient handling. A block pallet is also known as a “four-way” pallet, since a pallet-jack may be used from any side to move it.

Stringer Pallet

Stringer Pallets

Stringer pallets use a frame of three or more parallel pieces of timber (called stringers). The top deckboards are then affixed to the stringers to create the pallet structure. Stringer pallets can have a notch cut into them allowing “four-way” entry.

Ideal for HASP Trade

We manufacture Pallets that meet the IPPC regulations by heat treating them in our kiln.
The International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) is an international treaty focused on preventing the introduction and spread of plant pests & diseases, and promotes appropriate measures for their control.

We run our own quality control program and are regularly inspected to ensure ICPPA compliance.

Heat treated pallets

Cut Stock

We supply cut stock parts to the pallet industry including many other pallet manufactures.


Biomass (Boiler Fuel)

Our Biomass is made from leftover wood scraps – rather than ending up in a landfill, it’s used for heating buildings, making it a very environmentally friendly and cost effective option.


Landscape Mulch

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Our landscape mulch is an environmentally friendly product used to enhance gardens and yards. It naturally suppresses weed growth, and is completely natural so it slowly bio-degrades.

We have different color options available.

Landscape Mulch


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Firewood2Go sells Manitoba Firewood. Available in Ash, Birch, Oak, Pine, and Tamarak.

Conveniently Split, Seasoned, & Bagged Firewood


Sawdust & Wood Fiber

Our wood fiber is ideal for animal bedding for turkeys and chickens as it has a high moisture content which reduces dust.



South-East Forest Products began operations in the 1950’s as a family owned logging and sawmill operation producing lineal length lumber.  In the early 2000’s South-East Forest Products looked for ways to diversify and began to produce cut stock for the pallet market.  In 2011 South-East Pallet & Wood Products was created as a result of splitting South-East Forest Products into two companies; a logging operation and a pallet operation.

With a new sawmill beginning operations in 2015, South-East Pallet & Wood Products takes great pride in being able to work with customers to provide pallet solutions that are designed to meet their needs in a cost effective manner.  We continue to implement safety and efficiency measures from purchase of logs, utilization of raw product, build-to-order and timely delivery of pallets.  The focus is to deliver the best value in pallet and price to our customers.


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