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Our commitment to environmental stewardship goes beyond a value statement. It encompasses all aspects of our integrated manufacturing process; sustainably harvesting our lumber and running an efficient, zero-waste production process.

We specialize in manufacturing rough green stringer pallets for use in a wide variety of industries. Our stringer pallets are available in standard and custom sizes, and are designed with your specific application in mind (four-way entry, designed to carry heavy weights, etc).

  • Options Available: Rough Green, Heavy Duty, Heat Treated (ISPM-15 Certified)
  • Industries Served: Peat Moss, Mining, Hardscapes, Industrial and Agrifood, etc.
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Pallet Parts

We manufacture cut stock parts for the pallet industry, including new stringers and deck boards. We have a variety of board sizes and thicknesses available and can supply custom sizes and quantities for you to build new or repair existing pallets. If you need specific pallet parts or wood boards for your next project, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

    Common Pallet Parts:

  • Heavy Duty Stringers
  • Deck Boards
  • Available in Green or Certified Heat Treated (including Heat Treated Poplar parts for export)
  • Industries Served: Pallet manufacturers and pallet repair
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Recycled Pallets

Many industries can make use of recycled pallets instead of requiring brand new pallets. Recycled pallets can save you money and be a great option for those looking to store product. Our recovery and recycling methods are environmentally friendly, allowing us to keep pallets out of the landfill and extend their lifespan by repairing and reusing components. Contact us to see if recycled pallets may be a fit for your needs.

  • Limited availability through collecting, sorting and grading by quality and size
  • Our recycled pallets are not Heat Treated ISPM-15 Certified
  • Industries Served: Seed plants, Feed transport, Warehousing, Manufacturing & home/yard projects
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Sawdust & Wood Fibre

Highly sought out by farmers, our sawdust and wood fibre is ideal for animal bedding and pathways, as its high moisture content reduces airborne dust. Additionally, the natural acidity in our Pine is an effective bug deterrent in barns.

  • Due to the natural acidity in our Pine, it is an effective bug deterrent in barns
  • Industries Served: Dairy, Poultry, Cattle and Equine
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Our biomass is an ideal fuel for heating boilers. Since our biomass is the natural by-product from our other pallet manufacturing processes, it is the most environmentally friendly way of producing biomass. Our biomass is produced both from log slabs, and ground up pallets (we magnetically remove any debris and nails). Biomass energy avoids the need to use fossil fuels as an energy source and can be more cost-effective than electric, coal or oil heating systems.

Used in commercial size boilers on colonies for housing, shop and farm heating, as well as institutional buildings It is suitable as a composting agent in combination with waste products.

  • Our Biomass is available in 2″ and 3″ options.
  • Typically used in commercial size boilers for Housing, Shops, Farms and Institutional buildings.
  • Our Biomass is also suitable as a composting agent when used in combination with waste products.
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Ideal For HACCP Trade

Both our Heat Treated pallets and pallet parts meet the IPPC regulations when heat treated in our kiln.
The International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) is an international treaty focused on preventing the introduction and spread of plant pests & diseases, and promotes appropriate measures for their control. We run an externally audited quality control program and are regularly inspected to ensure our products meet these regulations.


Who we are

South-East Forest Products began operations in the 1950’s as a family-owned logging and sawmill operation producing lineal length lumber. In the early 2000’s South-East Forest Products looked for ways to diversify and began to produce cut stock for the pallet market. In 2011 South-East Pallet & Wood Products was created as a result of splitting South-East Forest Products into two companies; a logging operation and a pallet operation.

With a new sawmill beginning operations in 2015, South-East Pallet & Wood Products took great pride in being able to work with customers to provide pallet solutions that are designed to meet their needs in a cost-effective manner. We continue to implement safety and efficiency measures from the purchase of logs, utilization of raw product, build-to-order and timely delivery of pallets. The focus is to deliver the best value in pallet and price to our customers.

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Committed to Environmental Sustainability

We use 100% of all our by-products. We can trace the source of the wood that is used in our new pallets right back to the forest it has been harvested from. We pay a stumpage fee that ensures the trees we harvest are replanted and a renewable resource that will provide for future generations.


Mulch 2 Go

Our landscape mulch is an environmentally friendly product used to enhance gardens and yards. It naturally suppresses weed growth and is completely natural so it slowly bio-degrades. We have different colour options available.

Firewood 2 Go

We’ve harvested and sold fuel-wood, saw-logs and pulpwood from sustainably managed forests in Southeastern Manitoba since 1950. Our products include Ash, Birch, Oak, Pine, and Tamarack. Conveniently Split, Seasoned, & Bagged Firewood. Stop by to load up at our yard or have us deliver to you. We’ll ensure your firewood is clean, split and ready to burn.